Sunday, July 1, 2012

Traditional German Clothing for women

Fashion trends, nowadays, are on similar lines all over the world. Germany may not be recognized as an important fashion destination, but Fashion did have a significant role to play 
out here. German fashion is known for its classic style of dressing. This beautiful country also Boasts of some creative fashion designers. Of course, the scene today is quite different from the traditional clothing. In the olden days, Colors also had an important part to play.

A dirndl is a traditional dress, which was worn in the Southern area of Germany. Originally, the dirndl is a simplified version of the folk Costume. It was, in reality, the uniform of the 
Austrian servants, which was during the 19th century. In the ancient days, every village even Had its own particular style of this dress. The dirndl comprises many garments that make up the entire outfit. This has a bodice, which is worn with a blouse, a full-length skirt, and An apron. The ancient days saw many simplistic designs of the dirndl. Today, one can come across many expensive versions of the same. This outfit was styled into a heavier design for the winter days. In such cases, materials such as thick cotton or wool were used for the Skirts and aprons.
The Lederberg mean leather pants in German. These are knee breeches, and were worn by the Germanic men of the Alpine areas and the Surrounding locales. The lederhosen are 
made of leather.
Traditional clothing cannot be complete without the mention of tracht. The style of the traditional tracht has resulted in the creation of the Landhausmode. Landhausmode sees its 
influences from the costumes that were worn by the farmers and the peasants. For this outfit, there is major use of linen and loden material. 
The Gamsbart is also a part of traditional clothing. The Gamsbart is actually a tuft of hair that is used as a form of a decorative element. This is worn on the trachten hats. Here, the 
lower end of the hair is set in metal and the upper portion tufts out like a brush.

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